Friday, September 25, 2009

West Coast Casual Rapper: Casual

Casual - Later On

Casual is West Coast Casual...

1994's Fear Itself is of significance to Owens' career. It is his only major label-marketed album and features various members of his crew, Hieroglyphics, on vocals and production. The album also features a prominent cameo from Bay Area rapper Saafir. The album follows a traditional format: its songs adhere to a verse-chorus-verse arrangement, and the up-tempo and slower tracks are contrasted against each other. The popularity of the album's second single, "I Didn't Mean To" exposed Owens to a wider audience. He released three follow-up albums after "Fear Itself", one of which ("He Think He Raw") was distributed by Sony-affiliated distributor Red Urban.[1] Owens is now a community activist. In 2006, he took on a role as Music Production and Media Arts Consultant at Youth Uprising [2]. Jonathan Owens currently holds a seat on the City of Oakland Board of Cultural Affairs. Owens is also CEO of Hiero Jeans.[3]

Casual - Me-O-Mi-O

Keep all three of your eyes Casual...


  1. yo you can assure this, the best rap of all time come from the west coast, and who don't like this can have some coversation with my friend Pepe Cadena, with all the style from the west cost dogs!!!

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