Thursday, September 17, 2009

Casual Occasions: Birthdays

They only come once a year, for that is all that we need. It is the one day of your year that The Man can't put you down for anything you choose to do. And for that, the birthday definitely lay at the top of the casual occasions kingdom.

Reasons we love birthdays: Cake, Hats, Parties, Pinatas, Lemonade, Parks, Barbeques, Churros, Party Favors, Laughter, Frisbees, Presents, Drinks, Bowling, Smiles, Magicians, Limbo, Streamers, Compliments, Ice Cream, Children, Bicycles, Friends, Parents, Pools, Pets, Silly String, Games, Music, Mariachis, Tortas, Grass, Sunshine,Wishes, Kisses, Naps, Hop Scotch, Beers, Jokes, New Socks, Wiffle Ball, Costumes, Kiddie Pools, Beach Balls, Feeding Ducks, Fruit Punch, Joy, Excitement, Ribbons, Bows, Balloons, Sleepless Nights, Yards, Porches, Tiki Torches, Parades, Feathers, Bubbles, Swings, Good Times, and of course Birthday Suits.

Today we honor our dear casual companion The Snow Bear. May your day of rest treat you with all the kindness and reward there is to offer without exerting too much effort. We love you and your casual ways.

-The Coalition

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