Friday, September 11, 2009

Casual Transport: Hot Air Balloons

We here at the West Coast Casual Coalition pride ourselves on our indulgence in leisurely modes of transportation. When we're not traversing the western most coasts in Motorcycles accompanied by Sidecars, or perusing the depths of the Pacific Ocean in Glass Bottom Boats, we like to travel by Hot Air Balloon.

Need i remind you that Hot Air Balloons are powered by nothing but hot air? That's air on air action that gives us the power of flight, or shall i say, the power of float. That, my casual compadres, is what we call casual magic. Jesus may have walked on water, but we lounge on top of balloons in the sky.

Our favorite part of balloon travel lay in its lethargically adventurous nature. Hop in a giant basket, peek at the cloud tops, and when you run out of fuel, land softly in a place you never intended to be. Drift into oblivion at the whim of wind (the most casual of elements second to the precious water). Take a nap if you wish, or be casually extreme and bring your hammock. Have a cola.

Of course, we being leisurely stylish, do not travel in regular old balloons. We often rely on the tandem bumble bees when traveling as a duo. For larger parties, we take the flying cow through the alps. As for my Sunday solo flights, I usually prefer the casual frog.

Let us not forget the one who wove the giant basket/people container for the Hot Air Balloon. Given the weave, most likely it was a Native American tribesman; perhaps the Iroquois, and they definitely know how to be casual (think peace pipes and moccasins).

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  1. CASUAL MAGIC!!!! Lol

    Perhaps you can find a friend in this guy?

    Zendikar Orb Request September 3, 2009
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    If you’d like to share your results with me I’d be happy to post them. ... You get full credit for your effort as well as a fake foil play set of Sorin.