Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Casual Attire: Robes

Robes are one of the most casual tools in leisure attire. These garments are made for use in only the most relaxing of environments. Robes are long, loose, flowing, gowns or outer garments, worn by men and women while lounging or preparing to dress; as a bathrobe or dressing gown.

There are many types of robes to choose from. Each caters to one's mindset which might call for such relaxing-attire...Such situations include:

*An absorbent "bath robe" worn mostly after washing or swimming.

Some of the most casual moments of enjoyment often include water...
So there is no surprise that using a robe after a nice hot steam shower or swim is a common occurrence.

House Robe:

The House Robe is the "go to" robe for many casual activities around the casual domain of the wearer. From drinking a nice cup of coffee in the robe to walking around the casual garden on a sunday morning...the house robe is a must.

Smoking Robe:

The Smoking Robe is the "ultimate chill mode" of robes. This is for enjoyment in the most respectable ways. Have a smoke and hold a glass of scotch whiskey while sitting around in leather wingback chairs. You must have all of the right elements to summon a robe of this quality. If the elements aren't available, this robe should not be brought out. Anything less than a perfect audience for this robe would be nothing more than a travesty

Robe Gone Wrong:

*A gown worn in fantasy literature and role-playing games by wizards and other magical characters.
No explanation needed for this ... Do not misuse the robe like this poor un-casual soul did.


  1. Nice robes! I love them. I'm looking at these Steam Shower Units right now. I think I'll get something like that house robe to go along with it :) Excellent blog post.

  2. Haha, Hugh Hefner's one was one of the funniest. By the way, don't you guys think Hugh Hefner is the happiest man on earth? Jesus, that old man knows how to get some fun.

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