Monday, September 7, 2009

Casual Past Times: Swinging

Ah the simple things in life....When the world has formally enslaved you to a life of mundane business attire and the endless pursuit of cold hard cash, it's time for a casual wake up call. If your neck tie is too tight and your slacks are neither wrinkle free nor comfort fit, you need a leisurely slap in the face, courtesy of your friend and mine: The Swingset. Take a stroll to your local parkland to rest your bones on that fine piece of rubber, grab those chains, and get your feet a-kickin. You'll be soaring in a semi-circular motion in no time. There's nothing like your neck-tie blowing in the wind to remind you of how leisurely life could be if you chose.

The swingset has the power to transform grown men into giddy children who will later need naps and warm milk, making it todays casual past time.

Acceptable Alternatives: The Seesaw, and Merry Go Round (No monkeybars).

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