Saturday, September 19, 2009

Casual Travel : Escalators

The Escalator is one of the most casual ways to transport yourself indoors and sometimes outdoors.

An escalator is a moving staircase conveyor transport device for carrying people between floors of a building. The device consists of a motor-driven chain of individual, linked steps that move up or down on tracks, allowing the step treads to remain horizontal.
The benefits of escalators are many. They have the capacity to move large numbers of people, and they can be placed in the same physical space as one might install a staircase. They have no waiting interval (except during very heavy traffic), they can be used to guide people toward main exits or special exhibits, and they may be weatherproofed for outdoor use. The escalator can never break because if it is turned off it just turns into stairs.

If you feel the need to not take yourself up or down a floor you can just cruise at a flat level on a moving sidewalk.

These moving sidewalks are the most casual way to cruise through airports no need to stress out your arms carrying your luggage. This moving platform delivers you from one side of the terminal to the next with out having to move , chill out send out a text to a close friend or play some pacman on your phone while you are transported to your next destination.

Crowded escalators are far from casual here at the WCCC we stride to improve everyones casual lifestyle so please do not over crowd a escalator or this just might happen.

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