Wednesday, September 30, 2009

West Coast Casual Baller: Ron Artest

Now he may be from the East Coast...And brawls aren't casual...

But Ron Artest brings humor and fun back to sports...

Welcome to Los Angeles Ron Artest. Hit the beach, sing your heart out, fight whoever you please...
While I may be a lifelong Knicks fan (not a casual part of life), I welcome you to the Pacific Coast with an open Mojito Bar of free refills and a pet Sloth. Go get em Casual Ron...Go Get Em...

Stay Casual Hoopers...

Friday, September 25, 2009

West Coast Casual Rapper: Casual

Casual - Later On

Casual is West Coast Casual...

1994's Fear Itself is of significance to Owens' career. It is his only major label-marketed album and features various members of his crew, Hieroglyphics, on vocals and production. The album also features a prominent cameo from Bay Area rapper Saafir. The album follows a traditional format: its songs adhere to a verse-chorus-verse arrangement, and the up-tempo and slower tracks are contrasted against each other. The popularity of the album's second single, "I Didn't Mean To" exposed Owens to a wider audience. He released three follow-up albums after "Fear Itself", one of which ("He Think He Raw") was distributed by Sony-affiliated distributor Red Urban.[1] Owens is now a community activist. In 2006, he took on a role as Music Production and Media Arts Consultant at Youth Uprising [2]. Jonathan Owens currently holds a seat on the City of Oakland Board of Cultural Affairs. Owens is also CEO of Hiero Jeans.[3]

Casual - Me-O-Mi-O

Keep all three of your eyes Casual...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Casual Perks: Free Refills

The Free Refill

Its a lovely perk in the casual food & drink category. Some take this perk for granted until they are denied the option then break out into a non casual outrage. So settle down now here on the west coast we voice that there is no need to stress your casual self and turn into some sort of angry specimen.

From self serving Soda Fountains

To the occasional open bar

Free refills always in the end make everyone happy.

Casual Bathing: Shower Beer

Some of you might call this casual gone wrong but you could only be the farthest from the truth.

The "Shower Beer" is one of the most casual ways to enjoy yourself while showering. Take a nice hot shower and chase it down with a nice frosty beer what else could beat that ? Now this is a privilege and you cant abuse this casual pastime or else it will lose its special casual significance. There is no size limit for the beer that you bring into the shower it just has to be in 1 container. Some people prefer the small can beer and others prefer the bottle or you could even go larger the choice is up the the casual individual.

Shout out to Mr.Fiction for his recommendation on this post.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Casual Sports: Croquet

Croquet is a casual lawn game, played both as a leisurely pastime and as a competitive sport, which involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded into the grass playing court.

The history of this casual sport of Croquet is that it became highly popular as a social pastime in England during the 1860s; by 1867, John Jaques, of the manufacturer Jaques of London that still supplies a significant share of croquet equipment used today had printed 65,000 copies of his Laws and Regulations of the game. It quickly spread to other Anglophile countries, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and Canada. No doubt one of the attractions was that the game could be played by both sexes; this also ensured a certain amount of adverse comment.

This game is to be played on a lovely grass field where you can drink a refreshing casual beverage like blueberry ice tea and have a nice chat with your fellow casual athletes as the sunny rays of the west coast greet you with their warm presence.

If you are not in the most casual environment then you can improve the irritable habitat by installing one of these courses where ever just buy plucking a few hoops in the ground and instantly you are more casual and content.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Casual Gone Wrong: Brain Freezes

The cold treat is one of the most hellasually delectable delights the world has to offer. Nothing soothes the soul better on a hot West Coast day than a leisurely beverage or ice cream cone. Whether on ice, blended, alcoholic, or clean and sober; these frigid joys are glorious creations. If the casual human is not the master of their domain, however, tasty treats can go from splendiferous to horrendous due to a drastically non-casual occurrence...THE BRAIN FREEZE...Brrrr...

The Brain Freeze is the instant result of an over eager attempt at being too casual. If the casual consumer gets too excited to slug down their summer slurpee (although it's always slurpee season on the West Coast), a sharp, quick pain shoots straight to the brain. This pain cannot truly be described, as the feeling is unlike any other. There is an exact science to it though that has appeared in recent studies. It goes like this...

The warmness of the West Coast brain freezes over like the arctic. Penguins and polar bears then appear inside of the cranium and bite and poke at the brain with their teeth and beaks respectively. After a short while, they build an igloo, mate, and an eskimo is born. This eskimo is mean however (half bear/half penguin) and he pokes the skull with an icicle. Finally the pacific sun returns and the ice melts away as the creatures go into hibernation.

Beware the brain freeze friends, sip slowly, and most importantly...

Stay Casual...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Casual Travel : Escalators

The Escalator is one of the most casual ways to transport yourself indoors and sometimes outdoors.

An escalator is a moving staircase conveyor transport device for carrying people between floors of a building. The device consists of a motor-driven chain of individual, linked steps that move up or down on tracks, allowing the step treads to remain horizontal.
The benefits of escalators are many. They have the capacity to move large numbers of people, and they can be placed in the same physical space as one might install a staircase. They have no waiting interval (except during very heavy traffic), they can be used to guide people toward main exits or special exhibits, and they may be weatherproofed for outdoor use. The escalator can never break because if it is turned off it just turns into stairs.

If you feel the need to not take yourself up or down a floor you can just cruise at a flat level on a moving sidewalk.

These moving sidewalks are the most casual way to cruise through airports no need to stress out your arms carrying your luggage. This moving platform delivers you from one side of the terminal to the next with out having to move , chill out send out a text to a close friend or play some pacman on your phone while you are transported to your next destination.

Crowded escalators are far from casual here at the WCCC we stride to improve everyones casual lifestyle so please do not over crowd a escalator or this just might happen.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Casual Occasions: Birthdays

They only come once a year, for that is all that we need. It is the one day of your year that The Man can't put you down for anything you choose to do. And for that, the birthday definitely lay at the top of the casual occasions kingdom.

Reasons we love birthdays: Cake, Hats, Parties, Pinatas, Lemonade, Parks, Barbeques, Churros, Party Favors, Laughter, Frisbees, Presents, Drinks, Bowling, Smiles, Magicians, Limbo, Streamers, Compliments, Ice Cream, Children, Bicycles, Friends, Parents, Pools, Pets, Silly String, Games, Music, Mariachis, Tortas, Grass, Sunshine,Wishes, Kisses, Naps, Hop Scotch, Beers, Jokes, New Socks, Wiffle Ball, Costumes, Kiddie Pools, Beach Balls, Feeding Ducks, Fruit Punch, Joy, Excitement, Ribbons, Bows, Balloons, Sleepless Nights, Yards, Porches, Tiki Torches, Parades, Feathers, Bubbles, Swings, Good Times, and of course Birthday Suits.

Today we honor our dear casual companion The Snow Bear. May your day of rest treat you with all the kindness and reward there is to offer without exerting too much effort. We love you and your casual ways.

-The Coalition

East Coast Not Casual: Trader Joes NY

Cooking at home is part of a casual lifestyle. Especially since eating out here, as I previously noted, is like attending a cockfight. Supermarkets are rare in this former Dutch trading post. So instead of buying eggs from a bodega, veggies from a market, and liquor from a wine store, I figured I'd go to Trader Joes. I quickly changed my mind. Here's why:

The line to pay.

A separate wine department. Cool liquor laws.

The sign which caused me to turn around and leave -- "3 Buck Chuck."
(Note: after I took this photo an employee said "Sir, I'm sorry you can't take any photos or video inside this establishment." Suck it dude.)

May you all continue to enjoy decent, godfearing weather and $2 wine.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Casual Attire: Robes

Robes are one of the most casual tools in leisure attire. These garments are made for use in only the most relaxing of environments. Robes are long, loose, flowing, gowns or outer garments, worn by men and women while lounging or preparing to dress; as a bathrobe or dressing gown.

There are many types of robes to choose from. Each caters to one's mindset which might call for such relaxing-attire...Such situations include:

*An absorbent "bath robe" worn mostly after washing or swimming.

Some of the most casual moments of enjoyment often include water...
So there is no surprise that using a robe after a nice hot steam shower or swim is a common occurrence.

House Robe:

The House Robe is the "go to" robe for many casual activities around the casual domain of the wearer. From drinking a nice cup of coffee in the robe to walking around the casual garden on a sunday morning...the house robe is a must.

Smoking Robe:

The Smoking Robe is the "ultimate chill mode" of robes. This is for enjoyment in the most respectable ways. Have a smoke and hold a glass of scotch whiskey while sitting around in leather wingback chairs. You must have all of the right elements to summon a robe of this quality. If the elements aren't available, this robe should not be brought out. Anything less than a perfect audience for this robe would be nothing more than a travesty

Robe Gone Wrong:

*A gown worn in fantasy literature and role-playing games by wizards and other magical characters.
No explanation needed for this ... Do not misuse the robe like this poor un-casual soul did.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Casual Transport: Hot Air Balloons

We here at the West Coast Casual Coalition pride ourselves on our indulgence in leisurely modes of transportation. When we're not traversing the western most coasts in Motorcycles accompanied by Sidecars, or perusing the depths of the Pacific Ocean in Glass Bottom Boats, we like to travel by Hot Air Balloon.

Need i remind you that Hot Air Balloons are powered by nothing but hot air? That's air on air action that gives us the power of flight, or shall i say, the power of float. That, my casual compadres, is what we call casual magic. Jesus may have walked on water, but we lounge on top of balloons in the sky.

Our favorite part of balloon travel lay in its lethargically adventurous nature. Hop in a giant basket, peek at the cloud tops, and when you run out of fuel, land softly in a place you never intended to be. Drift into oblivion at the whim of wind (the most casual of elements second to the precious water). Take a nap if you wish, or be casually extreme and bring your hammock. Have a cola.

Of course, we being leisurely stylish, do not travel in regular old balloons. We often rely on the tandem bumble bees when traveling as a duo. For larger parties, we take the flying cow through the alps. As for my Sunday solo flights, I usually prefer the casual frog.

Let us not forget the one who wove the giant basket/people container for the Hot Air Balloon. Given the weave, most likely it was a Native American tribesman; perhaps the Iroquois, and they definitely know how to be casual (think peace pipes and moccasins).

Casual First Lady: Michelle Obama

September 11th has not been very casual since the world's most dangerous game of Taliban Beer Pong some eight years ago. But now that the world's most casual president is in office, maybe we can change all that. Here's the first lady Michelle Obama doing her part to reinstate "casual 9/11" by wearing some purple chucks while working at Habitat For Humanity. Yes the best way to get over the fear of terrorism is to get out there and do some positive community service of a most casual nature. It can be so casual you won't even need socks. Take a lesson from Michelle Obama and take back today in a casual fashion.

Cats: The Most Casual Creature In Creation

MRRRRrrrrrow. Mrrrp. I am Weezy, patron saint of casualness and Mayor Of Little Brooklyn. Being the mayor may not sound very casual but my mayoral duties include sleeping, eating, and trying to bite noses but being so cute that you cannot get mad at me. Meowwwwwowwow. I like to sit on the cool corner of this casual couch. Leather couches are very casual because they are cool on my little furry body. I am at my most casual mid-day, but there is never really a time that I am not casual. I just get to chill and lick my paws and purr all day. How could I not be casual? I am a cat.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Allow me to introduce myself. DAYM, Chairman of the Southwestern division of the WCCC...

This is a day in the life:

Keep it Casual!

Dam Funk: Casual Funkateer...


Dam Funk keeps it West Coast Casual. No current artist makes music as casual. His casual anthems are perfect for times of leisure and relaxation. There's nothing like bumping some Dam Funk synth jams while floating on an inflatable alligator in Lambokomo Cove (WCCC Aquatic Headquarters). We salute you casually Dam Funk...we salute you with a casual thumbs up and a casual colada. Keep the casual funk alive good sir...More Dam Funk HERE.

Stay casual compadres...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Casual Floating

Main Entry: float·ing
Pronunciation: \ˈflō-tiŋ\
Function: adjective
Date: 1600
1 : buoyed on or in a fluid
2 : located out of the normal position
3 : continually drifting or changing position
b : not presently committed or invested
c : short-term and usually not funded
4 : connected or constructed so as to operate and adjust smoothly

Floating is one of the most casual ways to enjoy one's self during personal leisure time.
Since we were all children we have always strived to soak ourselves while still laying slightly above surface in the perfect blend of air and water.

Once a person has reached adulthood their floating experiences might dwindle down  due to lack of free time or possible un-casual weather (i.e east coast). Here on the casual coast, we appreciate the floating lifestyle and strive to relax and enjoy the lovely sunshine on our coast. Once in adulthood one might not be able to be supported by pool floaties and most likely will need to upgrade their floating device. A popular choice would be the innertube as it places you half in and half out of the water...but this leisurely choice is left up to the casual individual who chooses to float.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Casual Gone Wrong: Crocs

If you are not familiar with the rubber sandals dubbed "Crocs" then you must live under a rock. One could consider this ignorance lucky as these hideous shoes have hit the scene in full force as everyone from little kids to celebrities are wearing them.

In 2008 "Crocs" was ranked the number one casual brand in the athletic specialty sporting goods category for men, women, and children by the NPD Market Research Group. This can only mean one thing... NPD did not refer to the WCCC for their cosign on this title as "Crocs" would have been considered a pure failure in casual life. According to the "Crocs" wikipedia page, the rubber shoes were created as a plastic clog to be mainly used in spa scenarios.

I want to ask Mr. George B. Boedecker Jr, creator of the "Croc," Is the slipper not good enough? It's been in use for quite some time now and here you come tarnishing the whole scene with your disgustingly designed plastic clogs. The Japanese already handled the clog reform back in the 1800's no need for you to come and tarnish the good slipper track record.

If you are still not convinced that "Crocs" are a poor purchase then I suppose you should hang out with this guy.

Stay casual my friends , but not too casual.


Ah yes the slide ....

The slide is one of the most casual ways to enjoy yourself in your free time. It might even surpass the swing on the casual recreation list as you need to put forth way less effort. Since we were all knee high to a duck we have all loved and enjoyed the gravitational experience of the slide. From pre-school to adulthood slides have always had a place in our hearts. The slide was so popular that even food establishments such as McDonalds and Burger King felt the need to install complex slide systems in there restaurants so that we can take a bite of a cheeseburger and then slide down into a lovely comfortable ball pit.

Now just when everyone thought the slide could not get any better some casual genius decided to add water to the slide thus creating the water slide ....

The water slide combines two very casual items... The Slide and The Pool

This fusion of cool water and controlled gravitational pull towards casualness could be one of the best casual fusions known to date. Have you ever slid and been refreshed on a warm summer day? If you haven't then you are missing out.

Stay Casual My Friends..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Casual Creature: The Sloth...

Oh Casual Sloth...
We praise you well...
You hardly leave the place you dwell...
Oh Casual Sloth...
You're an omnivore...
But prefer to eat leaves, leaves galore... 
Oh Casual Sloth...
You move so slow...
Covered in fur, with claws on your toes...
Oh Casual Sloth...
You hang upside down...
Avoiding the stresses below on the ground...
Oh Casual Sloth...
You blend in with trees...
Warm climate creature that could never freeze...
Oh Casual Sloth...
I do love you...
Maybe one day I'll be casual too...

Casual Past Times: Swinging

Ah the simple things in life....When the world has formally enslaved you to a life of mundane business attire and the endless pursuit of cold hard cash, it's time for a casual wake up call. If your neck tie is too tight and your slacks are neither wrinkle free nor comfort fit, you need a leisurely slap in the face, courtesy of your friend and mine: The Swingset. Take a stroll to your local parkland to rest your bones on that fine piece of rubber, grab those chains, and get your feet a-kickin. You'll be soaring in a semi-circular motion in no time. There's nothing like your neck-tie blowing in the wind to remind you of how leisurely life could be if you chose.

The swingset has the power to transform grown men into giddy children who will later need naps and warm milk, making it todays casual past time.

Acceptable Alternatives: The Seesaw, and Merry Go Round (No monkeybars).