Friday, September 4, 2009

Essential Accesories: Umbrellas

As far as accessories go, The Umbrella is essential to the casual lifestyle. Why seek shelter when you can carry it with you. Hot summer days? Whats better than a personal shading device? The umbrella is ready for any occasion, rain or shine. It doesn't check the weather before leaving the house because it's always prepared to provide you a leisurely environment with minimal effort. Efficiency my friends. Doing what you want, when you want with your retractable companion. Walking, Lounging, and Flying from roof tops: 3 activities that will take you to the top the casual ladder with the help of a trusty umbrella. It was made for this. Contrary to popular belief, umbrellas work wonders indoors. You never know when bright lights and fire sprinklers will try to ruin your naps. Not anymore. Versatility that folds. The umbrella will bend to your casual will. Get em while you can, these things are literally floating off the shelves.

If your umbrella happens to be disguised as a cat, even better.

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