Monday, December 21, 2009

Casual Creature: Casual Coconut Carrying Octopus

When a Casual being envisions the meaning of the word Casual, an octopus is hardly what comes to mind. It is quite popular to assume that an Octopus doesn't have the ability to live a life of leisure, but this assumption is debatable. The Casual Octopus has 8 useful limbs, allowing it to accomplish tasks that the regular Casualteer would deem impossible...
For instance...

The Casual Octopus can sip up to 8 mojitos simultaneously.
The Casual Octopus can dip 8 cookies in milk at once.

The Casual Octopus can play casually complex vintage synthesizers with a great deal of ease.
The Casual Octopus can hold 8 balloons at once, allowing it to casually glide.

The Casual Octopus can dip 8 Casual chips into Casual guacamole.
And most importantly...
The Casual Octopus can carry a Casual Coconut...
All Hail the Casual Coconut Carrying Octopus!

Stay Casual...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Casual Cool: Planning

There was once a time when it was widely believed there was nothing less casual than planning in your life. Going with the flow and couch surfing through your weekend hoping to catch the epic wave of good times seemed to be the right thing to do. But as a great casual man once said, "Times, they are a changing".

It has recently come to my attention that planning in many aspects of life greatly increases your casual libido. Especially when those plans involve oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, boats, floats, ice cream cones, turtle rides, sack lunches, intermediate snacking, and good friends. Live and love and plan on it. There's not much else to it.

Planning expedites your obligatory work load, leading to enjoyable productive days, and making for more efficient use of leisure time (guilt free i might add). Planning efficient use of your time now simultaneously enhances the chance of casual times later. It's pretty much a guarantee of goodness. Plans make things happen. Good things.

All plans are subject to change including late departures and arrivals as well as full fledged cancellations. Change of plans are always acceptable and no party should be held accountable for such. Accountability is not casual in this case nor are the grudges that persist following a hold of accountability towards any singular party or parties. To plan on not planning nullifies the planning process and all plans are therefor void. Do, however, plan on making other plans if it be that the original plan, by nature of its sloppy planning, fails to materialize into a real plan. Do not intentionally make plans that are not meant to be fulfilled, for these plans are not really plans and do not fall withing the qualifications of successful planning. What was once a plan, is not always a plan and may never be a plan until planned again. All plans are eligible for re-planning. Plans are not to be confused with planes, though plans on planes and any plans including flight are good plans but should be made well in advance. Plans exists in plants, who follow natures plan, which happens to be the best plan of all. I plan you plan, we all plan for plans. After all, we do live on a planet, but we are not sure it was planned that way.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Casual Snacking: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ah yes the Original Ice Cream Sandwich , A casual must!

Today I'm writing on the original, not the cookie based ice cream sandwich.

In the United States, an ice cream sandwich is a slice of ice cream, commonly vanilla although other flavors are often used, sandwiched between two rectangular wafers, usually chocolate.

Now these call back to everyones childhood where you would hear that magical ring of the ice cream truck roaring down the street, your ears perk up from playing NBA Jam and you run to your mother get a dollar and tear out the front door in hopes that this magical truck that only serves sweets has not left your street yet.

Some people like the frozen pops and those have there place in the world but I was a classy young lad and as far as i'm concerned the ice cream sandwich is the most classy of items you can buy from the truck. You can go original vanilla or if you are feeling a bit picky you can go neapolitan and get 3 awesome flavors combined into one tasty treat.

Now as you unwrap the wrapper some people might complain that the sandwich is messy cause the chocolate wafer tends to stick to ones fingers but do not be mistaken by rookies telling you this is a bad thing, its actually a blessing in disguise as when the wafer sticks to your fingers its actually making your fingers into tiny lil brownies as a bonus its like the dessert after the dessert.

One might ponder what type of Ice Cream sandwich the Snowbear eats?
Well the answer is the type that has a Snowbear on box!