Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Casual Prose: O Thee Casual Turtle

Oh thee glorious casual turtle
Creature of the shell
Morning come and night doth fall
Still in your home you dwell.

You never have to run and hide
Nor scurry home to sleep
You only pull your head inside
And tuck your tiny feet.

Once I had you as a pet
And oh, the fun we had
Lazing in the shade all day
You never made me sad

Until one day I turned my back
You scurried out the door
You wished to be a turtle free
What can I blame you for.

I sat and thought about your life
I hoped that you were well
So free and clear of any strife
Protected in your shell.

But one day turtle, you appeared!
For in my yard you stayed!
You hung around for many years!
Oh glorious casual days!

Based on true events that took place in the summer of '93.

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