Monday, October 5, 2009

Casual Gone Wrong: Plastic "Clamshell" Packaging

Plastic "clamshell" packaging is the worst as we all know. Who ever the asshole is who created this non casual packaging should be arrested and shipped off to some shitty place where he/she has to try to open packages like these with his/her bare hands for the rest of there life.
I could be suffering from wrap rage. In fact, the term "wrap rage" was coined because so many people are losing there casual cool because of the anger and frustration that inevitably arises when trying to pry the ubiquitous packaging open.

Thousands of people end up in emergency rooms each year with lacerations and puncture wounds from battling with the nearly impossible-to-open packaging. Many more get minor wounds from using sharp objects to open packages, according to American Medical News.

Here at the WCCC we do not encourage you to try to open these packages but if you must we offer this slight piece of knowledge. The ordinary can opener sitting in your kitchen drawer will open this package casually and more safe then a knife,screwdriver or whatever you are using.

Stay Casual Stay Safe.

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