Thursday, October 22, 2009

Casual Lighting: Tiki Torch

The Tiki Torch is a bamboo torch, common in the casual tiki culture.

So you are walking through your backyard in your house robe and drinking a mojito at dawn thinking how can I improve my already highly casual living situation and then the thought occurs as you walk by the fence and cause your neighbors uncasual motion sensor light to go off. Aha ! you think to yourself I need proper lighting back here and ones first thought of casual lighting in the backyard or deck is the Tiki Torch. Ya you could go and buy malibu lights but those are a bad choice cause they use energy and you dont live in malibu and the lights dont give off the ambient environment you were looking to achieve with a real flame.

So go out to your local home depot or Osh and grab a half dozen torches and place them around the backyard and you will quickly feel like you are in a more casual setting. If you live in a area that might have a problem like mosquito's well look no further some tiki torches have a anti-uncasual bug element mixed in with the fuel so your casual evening will not be ruined by having bugs bite you or try and sip the fresh sugar cane juice from your mojito.

The fascination with tiki torches have been around the united states for quite some time and have kept up in pop culture even now in present times where we have entire shows that end with epic tiki trial by fire endings like survivor where your time on the island has been cut off by a show of putting your tiki torch out.

Sorry sucker your off the casual island.

Speaking of islands I think there is no other proper way to bring light into the darkness of the tropical jungles like a good ol tiki torch shit even Jon Locke hunts boars and explores old tunnels and hatches with one.

So go out grab some torches and improve the quality in your casual lighting department at your house then throw a party.

But please be careful and do not attempt to blend a Tiki Torch it is not safe or casual.

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