Monday, October 5, 2009

Casual Snacking: Cookies and Milk

Let me start by saying that snacking (known to cows and other land mammals as grazing) is a widespread casual pandemic, however it has yet to recieve serious attention from the West Coast Casual Coalition. There is no more denying it. Snacking is now so rampant and leisurely an activity, even the seasoned snacker often forgets they've even done it all day long. Lost in the belly never to be remembered amidst the mighty meals you've consumed. Snacking has been know to lead to serious naps and sometimes full blown sleep, not to mention large pillow like bellies that other snackers can nap on.

Snack Cakes.

Typically it goes something like this: So you got hungry after lunch, and before dinner you munched some string cheese, a slice of pumpkin pie and a Dorito chip (cooler ranch of course). When your mother calls you that night to check that you haven't gotten festively plump during the holidays and asks you what you ate that day, you tell her about the scrumptious cheeseburger you ate for breakfast, the grande festive burrito you ate for lunch, and the whole leg of lamb and head of cabbage you ate for dinner, completely neglecting your mid day snack intake of pie, Dorito chip and such. You sure as hell didn't tell her about those cookies and milk you ate before bed.

Tub Scouts.

Today we highlight the intrepid cookie and milk combo. It is glorious in its nature. Some may say that milk came before the cookie but they are wrong. Cows love cookies too and they made milk especially for them. To have one without the other, expecially after 8pm is just a dirty shame. In the AM hours cookies can be supplimented with cereal. We recommend the cookie/cereal creation known as Cooookie Crisps. Anyways, get some cookies. Get some milk, and make sure its 2% or over. Skim milk will not suffice for this exercise as it is merely white water disguised as milk. Dipping is essential. In fact it is less of a dip and more of a soak. You must time your soak perfectly as to not let the cookie get so overly soggy that it leaves cookie remnants in your milk. That is poor form and will not be tolerated. If you do this right, you will be rewarded greatly by both taste and texture. If you don't believe me, ask a monster. Apparently they really like cookies. Though i'm not sure they have time to dip them in milk, for they are so madly in love with cookies they seem to shove handfuls of cookies straight into the mouth. Doesn't matter what kind. I do not recommend this.

I strongly suggest the use of Oreo Cookies along with whole milk. Snickerdoodles, Oatmeal Raisin, and of course Chocolate Chip and also highly recommended.

Incognito cookies keep it casual

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  1. Well I guess it was for me when I was a kid, because now I have a different diet could say, I eat mostly vegetables with some kind of meat, less rice and definitely junk it's completely out of my diet, I never liked sweet very much actually.