Monday, October 5, 2009

A Casual Beverage: The Capri Sun

In the early years as a young boy growing up in the 818 chapter, my mom would pack me a sack lunch and i learned about the Capri Sun, one of the most casual of beverages to give you the refreshing taste you need all in just a little silver pouch. These casual pouches come in a variety of tropical flavors to quench your thirst. With 100% wholesome natural fruit flavor its no wonder the capri sun is the most casual of juices. Worstin's flavor of choice is the pacific cooler, it represents the pacific which is the most casual of all the oceans and combines a mixed fruit juice taste. The Capri sun is a must in any sack lunch, its easy and on the go, just take the straw and pop it in and your good to go.

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