Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Casual Gone Wrong: Crocs

If you are not familiar with the rubber sandals dubbed "Crocs" then you must live under a rock. One could consider this ignorance lucky as these hideous shoes have hit the scene in full force as everyone from little kids to celebrities are wearing them.

In 2008 "Crocs" was ranked the number one casual brand in the athletic specialty sporting goods category for men, women, and children by the NPD Market Research Group. This can only mean one thing... NPD did not refer to the WCCC for their cosign on this title as "Crocs" would have been considered a pure failure in casual life. According to the "Crocs" wikipedia page, the rubber shoes were created as a plastic clog to be mainly used in spa scenarios.

I want to ask Mr. George B. Boedecker Jr, creator of the "Croc," Is the slipper not good enough? It's been in use for quite some time now and here you come tarnishing the whole scene with your disgustingly designed plastic clogs. The Japanese already handled the clog reform back in the 1800's no need for you to come and tarnish the good slipper track record.

If you are still not convinced that "Crocs" are a poor purchase then I suppose you should hang out with this guy.

Stay casual my friends , but not too casual.

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  1. I love that Crocs are water-proof. I wore another pair of my slippers swimming once, and they came back immediately stained all over the sole. It did not help that they were white slippers.