Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Casual Seating: Hammocks

Hammocks are one of the most casual ways to enjoy yourself while laying down.

Hammocks were developed by native inhabitants of tropical regions for sleeping. Later, they were used aboard ships by sailors to enable comfort and maximize available space, and by explorers or soldiers traveling in jungle regions. Today they are popular around the world for relaxation; they are also used as a lightweight bed on camping trips. The hammock is often seen as symbol of summer, leisure, relaxation and simple, easy living.

Hammocks are very casual as you can place them between two points where ever you are they are available in all sizes and weights so you can take a travel hammock with you in your adventures in wooded , tropical or urban areas. But you must be somewhat ok with balance you dont want to pull a rookie move and fall off of your hammock mid siesta.

Everyone likes hammocks so much that we are striving as a human race to find new ways to make everything a bit more casual and relaxed.

I personally rest my casual fruits i.e: The Banana the most casual fruit of them all in hammocks as I see this is the only way to display them in my kitchen.

Now a casual person is not greedy, they are mindful of there companions and should also provide a hammock for the casual creature as these lovely animals love hanging around as much as we do.

From the Casual Cat

To the Sleepy Bear

To the leisurely Chimp

We all enjoy hanging out and having a nice nap in our hammocks buy one place it in the shade have a beverage with a bendy straw and take in the view.

Stay casual my friends

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Casual Science: Bubbles

Yes that's right I said it..

Bubbles: A thin, usually spherical or hemispherical film of liquid filled with air or gas.
Bubbles come in many forms for alot of different uses and enjoyment.

Bubble Liquid
The First bubble you come across usually is coming from the use of this magical solution.

This stuff was created purely for the enjoyment of blowing bubbles, There are so many people trying to blow bubbles to see them float in the wind that companies are manufacturing this stuff around the world for peoples amusement. I don't think there is one casual soul who has not blown a few bubbles in there day.

Soap Bubbles:
We love bubbles so much we wash not only our dishes and maybe blow a bubble or two in the kitchen..

That we totally love to bathe and just chill in the tub with bubbles while we relax after a hard days work.

Spa bubbles:

Now not all bubbles have to be soapy some can just be made with air & water in the last 50 years or so we have created devices known as hot tubs/jacuzzi/whirlpools not for washing but purely for sitting and enjoying bubbles in water. Want to have a nice evening? Invite some friends and have some beers and chill in the bubbles.

Carbonation Bubbles:

We love bubbles so much we created drinks that simply just bubble for long periods of time. Some are just sodas or juices but for special occasions people always want to "pop the bubbly" and enjoy such delights as a glass of champagne.

Travel Bubbles:

Yes you can even technically travel in a bubble though I would not suggest this as a priority as it makes you dizzy try some other casual travel tips such as the Escalator or Hot Air Balloon.

Bubble Boy:

Yes some people have even been depicted in movies from living in bubbles , Bubbles are a safe place to be and live if you really wish to.